About Our Remortgaging Services

Securing a remortgage for a property can be a very exciting time, but it can also be a stressful time. Many people appreciate the peace of mind that comes from being able to speak to an expert, ensuring they make the right decisions.

Our company is comprised of a specialised team of helpful, friendly, and professional remortgage advisors who concentrate on assisting those who are looking for a great remortgage deal.

By providing people with what is known as a “whole of market” service, we are able to offer clients arrangements from a large number of remortgage lenders and underwriters, and offer guidance on choosing the mortgage plan that best suits their unique needs in a short amount of time.

A Bespoke Service

We ensure that the advice given to clients by our team is based on their circumstances, both financially and personally, the service and efficiency of the lender, the lender’s requirements of the borrower and the remortgage product that will best fit the client’s needs. Our organisation is not a ‘Mortgage Introductory’ or marketing service and we pledge to never sell the client’s mortgage inquiry to third parties or financial institutions.

When a remortgage inquiry form has been submitted, details of the request are passed along to a mortgage advisor specialist who will immediately follow-up with the client. These specialists carefully review the inquiry and have the individual’s best interests in mind when searching the market.

This helps them make the best choices when it comes to offering client’s different mortgage product options. It is our priority to search for the best possible mortgage options for our clients.

You want a broker’s expertise to assess exactly what you need and assess your eligibility for each lender they’re considering to be a good match for you. Plus, with the knowledge they have of lenders criteria, it makes it the most sensible approach to make sure you’re applying to the most likely lender to extend you finance. Without the guidance of a qualified broker, you’d be flying blind into contractual agreements with long term implications.

It’s not a question about whether to use a broker or not. Their job is solely to help you access the right product at the best cost. This is why we feel Polar Mortgages are a good choice for your remortgaging needs.

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