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  • Remove tax-free money from your property
  • No need to make regular monthly payments
  • Use the equity released for anything you like
  • Continue to stay in your property
  • Can be a vehicle to reduce tax bills
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Aviva Lifetime Mortgage with Cashback

Santander Lifetime Mortgage Interest Only Rates

The lender will want to know if the property is a Freehold house or a Leasehold house and if the resident is a Private Tenant.

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Its often found to find people searching for monthly payment equity release, lumpsum lifetime mortgages or lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release, however, Key Solutions like Maximum cover Equity Release are keen to see proof of your situation in the form of pension statements.

One Family Mortgages

Examples of retired small business owners likely to have equity to release

  • Renting and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles Redruth
  • Activities of sports clubs Bletchley and Fenny Stratford
  • Primary education Eccles
  • Raising of camels and camelids Wath-upon-Dearne
  • Manufacture of ceramic tiles and flags North Walsham
  • Foreign affairs Burton Latimer
  • Manufacture of bodies coachwork for motor vehicles except for caravans Dereham
  • Licensed carriers Bulwell
  • Combined office administrative service activities Earley
  • Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy Sawbridgeworth
  • Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock Stonehouse
  • Renting and leasing of office machinery and equipment including computers East Grinstead
  • Manufacture of bicycles and invalid carriages Redcar
  • Child day-care activities Kettering
  • Activities of other holding companies n e c Bromsgrove
  • Wholesale of wine, beer, spirits and other alcoholic beverages Clevedon
  • Wholesale of machinery for the textile industry and of sewing and knitting machines Dronfield
  • Regulation of health care, education, cultural and other social services, not incl social security Coleshill
  • Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery Bollington
  • Sea and coastal passenger water transport Waltham Abbey
  • Sound recording and music publishing activities Abingdon-on-Thames


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Equity Release Scheme Providers

  • Key Retirement
  • Stepchange
  • Sunlife Plans

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make monthly payments
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aged 55
die or move into long term care
LV= Lump Sum+ Lifetime Mortgage
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Areas where Lifetime Mortgages are popular

  • Dover
  • Mossley
  • Leatherhead
  • Romford
  • Sandy
  • Potton
  • Haltwhistle
  • Elstree and Borehamwood
  • Bordon
  • Shaftesbury
  • Kirkham
  • Chard
  • Carnforth
  • St Blaise
  • East Retford

How You Can Use Equity Release To Improve Your Financial Situation

Nationwide has today released a new ‘lifetime loan’ for those aged between 55 and over, which will enable them to take out a small home equity loan against their existing home. The offer is the first equity release loan from an established, large, mainstream lender.

Nationwide is well known for offering low cost and flexible finance, and this is no exception. In addition to their affordable rates and terms and conditions, the company offers an attractive and flexible lending term. It means that you can get your loan approved in minutes rather than months. With ease of application, you can see quick results.

Nationwide’s loan is specifically designed to give its customers a chance to build up their cash flow. The company works with their customers on a case by case basis to find out what they need to do to improve their credit rating. This can then be used to improve their financial position. This process helps to ensure that they are able to access loans when they need them most. There are also no credit checks to be made on the client.

home reversion plans

Nationwide’s loan is available to all kinds of customers, both established and new. With an easy and flexible approach to lending, anyone can take out a loan to improve their finances. With their competitive and flexible loan schemes, it means that even if one of their clients has bad credit, they can still take out a loan.

Nationwide is an extremely popular business, with millions of customers having taken out a loan from the company in the last few years. One of the main reasons for this popularity is that it offers such a good rate of interest. Many other companies charge high rates on their loans, and many customers find themselves paying several thousand pounds more in interest than is necessary. In fact, it is actually cheaper to pay a lump sum of money each month than it is to pay for the monthly instalments of a secured loan.

Nationwide is not only a leading provider of finance for the United Kingdom, but also for other countries around the world. Their online presence has made it easy for potential customers to compare different loan options and find the best deal.

Nationwide has one of the largest loan departments in the country and they provide services for both the private and public sector. They can tailor-make a loan for almost any situation. Whether you need a cash advance or a home equity loan, they are there for you. Nationwide is backed by the British Bankers Association (BBA), so their lending practices are regulated by the FSA.

If you want to find out more about Nationwide’s lending scheme, you can contact the company online. You can browse through the site to find out about their terms and conditions and how you can apply for their loan.

Loans from Nationwide offer flexible repayment terms and many customers find that they repay their loans on a more affordable basis than they would otherwise. They are able to meet all of their repayments on time without the need to make a credit check.

Since there is no credit check for loans from Nationwide, there is no risk to the lender of losing a client to fraud. This means that they will be able to lend money to a client who has had a clean record of credit in the past and who is able to prove that they will be able to repay their loan.

Most people who take out loans from Nationwide are delighted with the way that they are treated and happy with the way that they are treated. Many people recommend that they to others because they offer the most competitive deals.

arrangement fees

Many people who have used the service of Nationwide tell people that they were impressed with how professional their staff were and that the terms and conditions of the loan were easy to understand. This is because they are not trying to take advantage of their customers, but that the loan is well understood.

Equity Release LTV

The older you are and the sicker you are the more money you can release.

Equity Release LTV without cashback

  • 55% lumpsum lifetime mortgages Zurich
  • 55% loan to value interest-only lifetime mortgages Paragon Personal Finance
  • 55% loan to value (LTV) home reversion plans Age Partnership
  • 25% loan to value (LTV) monthly payment lifetime mortgage First Trust Bank
  • 50% loan to value monthly payment equity release Equifinance
  • 25% LTV interest-only lifetime mortgages Bank of China UK


Downsides of Home Reversion Schemes with cashback

Monthly payment equity release can reduce the value of your estate. A monthly payment lifetime mortgage may impact entitlements to benefits. You may need to pay an advisor’s fee and you could have higher rates to pay with some schemes.

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