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  • Release money from your home with a just drawdown product
  • No need to make monthly payments
  • Help your family with the equity you release
  • Are you still paying a mortgage? No problems
  • Continue to stay in your house for as long as you like
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Towns of the UK where equity release is routine

    • Leyburn
    • Arlesey
    • Desborough
    • Leek
    • Tenbury Wells
    • Barnard Castle
    • Spalding
    • Bishops Castle
    • Ledbury
    • Hounslow
  • Cricklade
  • Petersfield
  • Tipton
  • Medlar-with-Wesham
  • Dawlish
  • Newport
  • Dover
  • Ross-on-Wye
  • Andover

Its often found to encounter people seeking out home reversion plans, monthly payment lifetime mortgage or home reversion schemes, however, the Telegraph like Zurich are keen to see evidence of your personal situation in the form of bank statements.

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Retired business owners that may be interested in Home Reversion Schemes

  • Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus Bedford
  • Construction of bridges and tunnels Holbeach
  • Manufacture of soap and detergents Bilston
  • Growing of other tree and bush fruits and nuts Edenbridge
  • Agents involved in the sale of timber and building materials Redenhall with Harleston
  • Manufacture of explosives Bottesford
  • Manufacture of imitation jewellery and related articles Marlborough
  • Manufacture of builders ware of plastic Batley
  • Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment Bishops Castle
  • Manufacture of locks and hinges Workington
  • Opencast coal working Carlton Colville
  • Manufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals Chipping Campden
  • Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating Peterlee
  • Funeral and related activities Verwood
  • Transport via pipeline Cranbrook
  • Manufacture of homogenized food preparations and dietetic food Plympton
  • Repair and maintenance of other transport equipment n e c Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Hunting, trapping and related service activities Worthing
  • Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products Hawes
  • Other retail sales of new goods in specialised stores, not commercial art galleries and opticians Grimsby
  • Manufacture of other chemical products n e c Stourport-on-Severn


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Use Your Home Equity Release to Buy Investment Property That Will Provide You With Income

Equity release is the process of borrowing cash from your house in order to invest it or make use of it. Equity release is one of the best ways to borrow cash from your house. The equity that you have on your house can be used for many different reasons.

If you are looking to buy a property in the UK then equity release can be one of your best options. You could invest the amount that you borrow in one or more properties. This would help you in investing in real estate for long-term and at a much lower cost. You do not need to keep paying back the loan on the property that you borrow from the lenders.

You can also make use of the equity that you have on your house to increase your income by using the interest that you earn in the property. This will help you save money each month and make you save for future investments. You can also get to remain in your house but use the excess value that you have in it for making a monthly source of income.

If you are retired and are looking for ways to get back some money then you can consider equity release as an option. In this way, you can borrow the amount that you can afford and invest it in different kinds of assets and make use of it when you feel the need. There is nothing like it and you could easily borrow money from banks for your retirement needs without having to pay it back.

There are various ways in which you could use equity release in the UK. You can borrow the money and invest it in stocks and bonds that are available in the market. You can also take loans for purchasing cars and houses and then use the money to pay off the loans.

Another option that you can take out equity release loans for is to use it to buy a property in the UK or to purchase a holiday home in the UK. This way you can save a lot of money each month on taxes and other expenditure as well.

You can also use the money that you use in the UK to make your mortgage payments and reduce your property taxes. This could also help you in increasing the equity on your property.

It is important to note that there are various types of equity release loans in the UK and the type of lender that you use for your loan is very important. The kind of lender that you go in for depends a lot on your requirements.

For instance, if you are looking for a loan to finance your business then you should always go in for a business loan lender. The type of business that you are running will determine the type of lender that you should go in for.

If you have a good credit record and a good reputation then you can always opt for a business loan lender. If you are planning to purchase a property then you should go in for a residential loan lender as this is more convenient and less expensive.

The last thing that you should do is to make use the equity release to purchase an asset or investment that will benefit your home or property. if you have been living in the house for a long period of time then you should think about purchasing an investment property that will provide you with an income. over a long period of time.

You could always use this money to buy an investment property that is located in a country where you know that there is no shortage of natural resources. You can use the money for buying land for your garden or the building that you live in.

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LV= Lump Sum+ Lifetime Mortgage

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UK Equity Release Scheme Providers

  • Just Retirement
  • Prudential
  • Key Solutions
  • Zurich


Downsides of Equity Release Schemes

Monthly payment equity release can reduce the value of your estate. Lump sum lifetime mortgages may impact ability to get state benefits. You may need to pay an advisor’s fee and you could be exposed to changes in interest rates with some products.

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The lender will want to know if the property is a Detached freehold house or a Leasehold house and if the resident is an Owner Occupier.


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Equity Release Loan To Value

The older you are and the sicker you are the more tax free money you can release.

Natwest Equity Release Plans

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Equity Release percentages of your current property value

  • 60% home reversion schemes Royal London Equity Release
  • 25% LTV lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release Platform BTL
  • 55% LTV monthly payment lifetime mortgage Age Concern
  • 30% loan to value (LTV) interest-only lifetime mortgages Prestige Finance
  • 25% LTV monthly payment lifetime mortgage Together

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