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Areas in the UK where retirement mortgages are routine

  • Ponteland
  • Ringwood
  • Beccles
  • Redruth
  • Wath-upon-Dearne
  • Cullompton
  • Loughton
  • Widnes
  • East Grinstead
  • Billericay
  • Littlehampton
  • Morecambe
  • Whitnash

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How much is it common to release from a home

The older you are and the the more illnesses you have you are the more tax free cash you can release.

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Pitfalls of Lifetime Mortgages

Home reversion schemes can reduce your estate value. Monthly payment life time mortgage may impact ability to claim benefits. You may need to pay a solicitor’s fee and you could have higher rates to pay with some schemes.

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Hard to finance property types include homes requiring essential repairs, properties where multiple third parties are living in an annexe, right to buy – properties in Scotland, properties with unregistered titles subject to these being registered as part of the legal process and properties owned under any form of shared equity scheme.

Common pensioner loan products are Lloyds Bank mortgages over 65, Barclays Bank interest only lifetime mortgages, Natwest later life interest only mortgages, Legal and General mortgages for 60 year olds and Nationwide interest only mortgages for people over 60.

Hard to mortgage property variants include properties with post 1945 asbestos or similar composition roof tiles , properties with pre 1945 asbestos or similar composition roof tiles, properties constructed or converted within the past 10 years, privately developed flats in blocks of two storeys without a lift and privately developed flats in blocks of three or four storeys without a lift.

Some of the most popular loan to values of Lloyds Bank over 60 mortgages, Barclays pensioner mortgages over 55, Halifax RIO mortgages over 75, L&G mortgages for 60 plus pensioners, Bank of Scotland lifetime mortgages for over 55s and Nationwide Building Society mortgages for over 60s are 50%, 60% and 70%.

Tough to mortgage property titles can include properties with outbuildings used for normal domestic purposes (garage, workshop, stables, barn etc), properties with a single annexe or other self-contained part of the property, use of the land and any outbuildings for a small amount of personal commercial use., properties using rooms, land or outbuildings for business purposes which are not personal to the borrower(s) or which extend to more than 50% of the property to be secured and properties that have a private water supply provided a contract is in place with an approved maintenance company for regular testing and maintenance.

Challenging to mortgage home variants can include properties will be assessed for flood risk, properties without a kitchen or bathroom, properties of non-standard construction, corrugated iron construction and properties that has never been registered with the land registry.

How much cash can I release?

You can get 60% of your property’s valuation. For example, if your home is valued at £350000 you can get £210000.

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Pure Retirement - Classic Super Lite Plan

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How much is it common to release from a home

  • 50% home reversion plans Maximum cover Equity Release
  • 55% LTV monthly payment life time mortgage Key Solutions
  • 50% loan to value interest-only lifetime mortgages Norton Finance
  • 25% loan to value home reversion schemes The Mortgage Lender
  • 50% loan to value lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release Age Concern
  • 30% loan to value monthly payment life time mortgage Evolution Money
  • 55% loan to value lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release Paragon Personal Finance
  • 30% LTV monthly payment life time mortgage Saffron Building Society
  • 35% loan to value (LTV) home reversion schemes United Trust Bank
  • 30% loan to value lumpsum lifetime mortgages First Direct

The mortgage lender will want to know if the property is a Detached freehold house or a Leasehold flat and if the resident is an Private Tenant.

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Small business owners detail likely with equity to release

  • Butter and cheese production Basingstoke
  • Manufacture of loaded electronic boards Braintree
  • Manufacture of other paper and paperboard containers Halesworth
  • Cargo handling for air transport activities Cromer
  • Manufacture of prepared pet foods Hemsworth
  • Plastering Partington
  • Manufacture of office machinery and equipment except computers and peripheral equipment Hendon
  • Wholesale of live animals Kidsgrove
  • Manufacture of other chemical products n e c Stanley
  • Activities of distribution holding companies Huntingdon
  • Retail sale of leather goods in specialised stores Blackrod
  • Other specialised construction activities n e c Hawes
  • General cleaning of buildings Okehampton
  • Repair of electronic and optical equipment Brough
  • Manufacture of power-driven hand tools Dereham
  • Repair of personal and household goods n e c Sutton
  • Construction of commercial buildings Southwick
  • Manufacture and processing of other glass, including technical glassware Southwell
  • Manufacture of rubber tyres and tubes; retreading and rebuilding of rubber tyres Much Wenlock
  • Manufacture of breakfast cereals and cereals-based food Thatcham
  • Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories n e c Thetford

Lloyds Bank Equity Release Mortgage

Equity Release Providers

  • Lifetime Mortgage from L&G
  • Pure Retirement
  • Key Solutions
  • Royal London Equity Release

It is very regular to find people searching for interest-only lifetime mortgages, lumpsum lifetime mortgages or home reversion schemes, however, Just Retirement like Aegon are keen to see paperwork to show your circumstances in the form of pension statements.

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