Equity Release in House Under 55

If you are under 55 and you are looking to release some equity from your home discover the lender that’s not featured on the far from impartial comparison websites.

The rate has just been reduced to remain competing as government bonds head towards negative rates.

    • 1.97% rate variable for Equity Release Under 55
    • Up to 90% loan to value
    • Doesn’t matter if you already have a mortgage or not
    • No broker or lenders fees, just a small automated valuation fee
    • Suitable for houses, flats and some non-standard construction homes
    • Northern Ireland properties accepted
    • Simple application
    • High rates of acceptance

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Equity Release Under 55


Equity Release Under 55

Hard to mortgage property types can include poorly maintained at the time of the valuation inspection, age restricted properties, leasehold properties where the lease length is currently unacceptable, crofted houses and properties owned under any form of shared equity scheme.

Common pensioner finance products include Lloyds mortgages over 70s, Barclays Bank retirement interest only mortgages, Post Office interest only lifetime mortgages, Legal and General mortgages for over 50 year olds and Nationwide interest only mortgages for people over 70.

Hard to mortgage property types can include difficult roof structures, properties with spray foam insulation applied to the underside of the roof, properties constructed or converted within the past 10 years, coach houses i.e. freehold properties with garages beneath and freehold flats (England, Wales, Northern Ireland).

Some of the most popular LTV percentages of TSB pensioner mortgages over 55, HSBC mortgages for over 60s, Post Office interest only lifetime mortgages for over 60s, L&G interest only mortgages for over 70s, RBS pensioner mortgages over 70s and Nationwide mortgages for 60 year olds are 45%, 55% and 65%.

Challenging to finance home variants can include properties built or converted into dwellings more than 10 years ago, properties with grounds in excess of five acres, use of the land and any outbuildings for a small amount of personal commercial use., properties using rooms, land or outbuildings for business purposes which are not personal to the borrower(s) or which extend to more than 50% of the property to be secured and properties that have a private water supply provided a contract is in place with an approved maintenance company for regular testing and maintenance.

Challenging to finance property variants include properties built on contaminated land, ground rent where the lease or any deed varying the lease provides for a ground rent exceeding, or where the escalating provisions would result in the ground rent exceeding £250 per annum (or £1000 per annum where the property is in Greater London), properties with structural problems, corrugated iron construction and Airey, Boot, Cornish Unit, Dorran, Dyke, Gregory, Hamish Cross, Myton, Newland, Orlit and Parkinson Frame.

How much money can I get?

You can get 65% of your property’s value. For example, if your house is valued at £200000 you can borrow £130000.